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2021 Round-up

Although I’ve been quiet on here recently, I’ve been making quite a lot this last couple of months. I’m going to use this post to share some personal highlights!

I upload most things onto my Instagram and everything onto my YouTube channel. I also have a Twitter and a TikTok account, if those are more your thing!


8-Bar Beetle Songs

“Why is no one making music about beetles?!” Well now they are!… or at least I am.

In September 2021, I produced my first mini-album of songs about beetles, ‘8-Bar Beetle Songs‘, and I am in the process of releasing the final couple of tracks of ‘8-Bar Beetle Songs II: Introductions‘!

8-bar beetle songs artwork and an assortment of pixel art beetles and instruments
The album artwork for ‘8-Bar Beetle Songs’ and ‘8-Bar Beetle Songs II: Introductions’ was created by Alicia Hayden. The pixel art was created by myself.

I’ve used the songs as an opportunity to learn how to produce my own music in my room and to celebrate the extraordinary diversity of beetles! There have been many challenges, but I’ve had a huge amount of fun!

For the first series I picked whatever species I felt like making music about, but for the second I’ve tried to tie them together under the theme of ‘introductions’: introduced beetle species, beetles affected by introductions, and species who I think people won’t have heard of! In fact most of the species were completely new to me when I wrote their songs!

Keep your ears open for the release of the last couple of tracks!

Short Songs

I have also produced a number of short songs about wider ecology, and how humans interact with nature.

I have already released a handful of new short songs since the beginning of this year, but my favourite from 2021 is ‘This Meadow‘ – a song about a walk in North Yorkshire.

Short Films

I have also featured in (and composed music for) a handful of Short Films by Alicia Hayden. You can watch them using the menu at the top of this page. My personal favourites were ‘Looking for Lapwings’ and ‘A Song for Maria’.

A lanternfly with the text A Song for Maria a film by Alicia Hayden, and Will Pearce on a bench with the text Looking for Lapwings
My two favourite short films that I have been a part of over the last few months have been (left to right) ‘A Song for Maria’ and ‘Looking for Lapwings’.

Looking for Lapwings is a 5-minute film where Alicia introduces me to the moors of North Yorkshire – it came “Second Place” in Hen Harrier Day’s Young Filmmaker Challenge 2021, and was awarded an “Honourable Mention” in Adventure Uncovered’s Film Festival 2021, super short category.

In A Song for Maria I was given the opportunity to visit the Oxford University Museum of Natural History’s Library and look at one of Maria Sibylla Merian’s books (‘The Metamorphosis of the Insects of Suriname,’ published 1705), to find inspiration for a new piece of music. At the end of the film I perform this song live to a (very forgiving!) crowd of friends and family – my first ever live performance of my own music! You can listen to the song here.

This short film was created as part of Alicia’s Masters in Wildlife Filmmaking at the University of the West of England. I cannot thank her enough for offering me this opportunity, and I am incredibly grateful to the Oxford University Museum of Natural History Library for letting us visit and film in their beautiful building, as well as Lady Margaret Hall for allowing me to perform in the lovely Talbot Hall.


I have published 3 blog posts so far, about 3 very different beetle species – if you haven’t already, please check them out! I hope that you discover something you didn’t know before!

green tiger beetle larva, common red soldier beetle, and grooved water scavenger beetle in triptic
My three blog posts so far have been on (clockwise from left) the Green Tiger Beetle, the Common Red Soldier Beetle, and Helophorus brevipalpis.

In the future, the blog is where I’ll put updates about my work, as well as the occasional beetle post!

An enormous thank you to Alicia Hayden. I am indebted to Alicia for the artwork she has provided for the blog and the music I have written, and for the films we have made together. She has offered me so many wonderful opportunities this last year and I can’t wait to see where next year takes us both! I have provided links to Alicia’s social media below: