Dune Tunes Soon!

I’ve been working on 9 brand new, ‘full-length’ songs, all about sand dunes!

Dry, hot, salty, windy… for many species, sand dunes are at the extreme end of what they can tolerate. However for many others it’s where they come into their own!

The series will travel to the sand dunes, down to the dune slack (a kind of pond that can form behind the dune), and the sandy grasslands beyond.

We’ll meet snails, orchids, moths, daisies, car indicators, toads, buckets and spades… The series is fully animated – I’m most of the way there with the music and videos and I’m trying my best to get everything finished by the end of the month!

The series is made in partnership with the Dynamic Dunescapes project, and Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.


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