I’m a musician and amateur entomologist, currently studying for a Masters in Physics at Oxford University.

I’ve recently started composing music about ecology, with a particular focus on beetles! I hope you enjoy!


Beetle Blog

2021 Round-up

Although I’ve been quiet on here recently, I’ve been making quite a lot this last couple of months. I’m going to use this post to share some personal highlights! I upload most things onto my Instagram and everything onto my YouTube channel. I also have a Twitter and a TikTok […]

Common Red Soldier Beetle Rhagonycha Fulva in Flight

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Beetle

Common Red Soldier Beetle (Rhagonycha fulva) Names aren’t easily come by when you’re a beetle – even in the UK, where coleopterists have been documenting beetle diversity for hundreds of years, only about 5% of beetles have common names. The reason of course being that experts don’t tend to give […]

Beetles in the Birdbath

Birdbath Beetle (Helophorus brevipalpis) For one afternoon my favourite animal was a Grooved Water Scavenger Beetle. … really? I mean, beetles are already a relatively niche interest (here in the UK at least), but a ‘grooved water scavenger’ one… what does that even mean? Last winter, my dad and I […]

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